Day #1942 (Wed., Apr. 29, 2015) – Sleeping In Daddy’s Arms

2015-04-29 - Medicine PhotoTake a look at the framed art I picked up in Montreal a few years ago (see photo to the left). The white stains are medicine that Katie spit up a while back (she can sure spit). Time to clean this up…

When I dropped Katie off at preschool today I gave the four photo mugs that my wife made to Katie’s four teachers. It had a photo of the “Fish” class of 2015. They loved them!

Both Katie and I had a dentist appointment today. I had a cleaning and no cavities. Katie was not as lucky as she had some cavities. She was asking a lot of questions this evening on when her mouth would start to feel better. I guess she was referring to to novacane they use to numb your mouth with when they drill.

Everett put the cat door in today. Now to train the cats to use it. He also ripped the vanity out of the 2nd bathroom to fix the issue with the sink not draining.

My wife went to bed at 6:30pm this evening once it looked like little Bobby was going to have a nice long sleep. Looks can be deceiving as he was up at 6:50pm. I tried to console him but he was crying and crying. I took him to my wife and he calmed down in my arms just as we were about to open the bedroom door. I ended up sitting on the couch with him sleeping in my arms.

Around 7:30pm I asked Katie to turn the vibrator on the bouncy seat. I put little Bobby in it but he was soon restless and about to wake up again. So, I ended up on the LazyBoy with him in my arms.

Katie was very good about the lack of attention. She came out from the bedroom where she was watching “Snow Bud” and asked for ice cream. I was in no position to get her some ice cream so I asked her if she would finish off eating her meatballs and I would get her ice cream later. She was very agreeable. I’m going to give her an extra special Daddy/Daughter day this “Comic Book” weekend as a result.

My wife woke up around 9pm. It’s kind of uncanny but as soon as I heard the faint noice of the door to the bathroom little Bobby did as well. It’s almost like a “second sense” that he realized it was feeding time. Soon he was nursing and my wife was very thankful for having over 2.5 hours of sleep.