Day #1973 (Sat., May 30, 2015) – Katie’s Dance Recital

2015-05-30 - Flowers For Katie

I went to Trader Joe’s this morning to pick up some flowers for Katie (see photo to the right). We will present them to her after her performance this afternoon. I took the time to pick up some food supplies as well.

This afternoon was Katie’s big moment at East Chapel Hill High School. She is performing as a “Rainbow” at the big year finale of her dance class. We packed up just after 1pm but were too late to get a good parking spot. They all filled up quickly. I ended up dropping my wife and Katie and little Bobby off at the entrance and drove to the softball area to get a spot to park my car.

When Hannah showed up I gave her my seat and went to sit near where Katie was sitting with the other rainbows. My job was to take picture and videos. Katie’s performance we very short and sweet but she did a good job. Afterwards we gave her some flowers and met in front of the school to take pictures. We met Laura, Katie’s teacher, as we were about to leave.

This evening Susan emailed my wife and told her that they have not had their Mandarin Program acceptance letter for Helen either. She heard that there were 48 spots available and only 45 applicants so it looks like Katie will be accepted next year. My wife and I were happy for the rest of the evening once we heard this news.