Day #1985 (Thu., June 11, 2015) – Dead Red Cardinal

2015-06-11 - New Lego

Hannah helped Katie put Legos together at the dining room table this morning. The photo to the right shows the particular set they were working on.

I asked Hannah if she played with Legos when she was a child. She said that she was more of a “Barbie Girl”.

My wife and I got talking about Katie’s babysitters. Nikki is more of a mother to her and Hannah is more of a friend.

Hannah took Katie swimming today. My wife was commenting on how the water curled up her hair…just like daddy’s used to go…

Tonight was another quick dinner. Oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts. Alas, Katie didn’t like this either.

Another stroll tonight. We saw Helen riding her bike (no training wheels or aids) on the road as we were heading home.

On the way out of the driveway we saw a dead red cardinal bird. Even with those bells around their necks those cats manage to catch things.

My wife did an investigation today and found that little Bobby loves the “Root Root Root” sound in a low voice. She told me that she would do it and he would laugh and laugh.