Day #2008 (Sat., July 4, 2015) – Katie’s First Bike Ride

Katie found a “Sesame Street” coloring book this morning and said that she wanted to see it on television. I found the old “Classic” Sesasme Street episodes that I used to watch as a child. Brought back a lot of memories.

2015-07-04 - Training WheelsI put the training wheels on Katie’s bike this morning (see photo to the left). They don’t really reach far enough to the ground, but I did take her out for a spin on them…Katie’s official first bike ride. We decided that we would order a different pair of training wheels from Amazon. These ones that are coming are more adjustable so that Katie will feel more comfortable about not falling off. I know that if she does fall off it will be hard to get her back on the bike again. Better to not let her have that phobia to deal with.

Little Bobby weighed in at 18lbs 7.5oz today.

This afternoon I made some “Cauliflower Rice”…basically cauliflower that is grated with a cheese grater and then fried in clarified butter. Pretty good I must say…

We had roast beef in the slow cooker for this evening’s meal.