Day #2010 (Mon., July 6, 2015) – Full Day Art Camp

2015-07-06 - Art Camp AdI dropped Katie off at the full-day Art Camp off Franklin Street in Chapel Hill this morning. You can see the ad for it in the photo to the right. It was hard to get her ready…wait til we have to get her ready for elementary school in the fall.

One of the real nice things about this Art Camp is that they have a number of teenagers working for them. They are probably unpaid volunteers during the summer who get some work experience in exchange for their time, but Katie loves the attention that they give to her. I noticed in gymnastics camp last week that it was more of an “exercise drill” and lacked a lot of social engagement. That could be one of the reasons Katie was not fully into it.

Sam picked Katie up from Art Camp this evening and took her to another swimming class with Miss Barbara. Sam told us that Miss Barbara taught Katie how to kick her feet. Katie also asked Sam to take her skating. I knew she would.

It’s interesting to see little Bobby’s eyes when he sees his mother. He will focus on her and watch her as she walks back and forth around the room. He knows a milk truck when he sees it.

When it is hard to calm little Bobby down in the evening we will take him out into the patio. I’m not sure if it is the sound of the crickets and frogs or just the fresh air, but he will stop crying almost immediately.