Day #2029 (Sat., July 25, 2015) – Musical Instruments At KidZoo

2015-07-26 - Bass PlayerI took Katie to KidZoo today mainly because there was a demonstration of musical instruments by the NC Symphony Orchestra. We got to see performances of an upright bass (see photo to the left) and a clarinet. Katie got to try out a violin and a clarinet. We also went inside Kidzoo where Katie played some more.

For lunch Katie and I went to Alfredo’s. I got their “slice of pizza” special, which included a soft drink (lemonade for Katie of course) and a side salad. I had them put olives on the slide of pizza for Katie. This is effectively turning out to be Daddy/Daughter Day #32.

Next stop was YoPop where Katie and I got to talk to the owner about what children are not learning in school and “compound interest”. One of the employees, a 17-year-old girl was given some investment advice as well, which she seemed eager to accept.

We stopped off at home to see how things were going. Little Bobby had not napped so my wife was exhausted. She did let us go to the toy store near WholeFoods where Katie got a “reuseable sticker” zoo book.