Day #2094 (Mon., Sept. 28, 2015) – Potluck & Thunderstorms

2015-09-28 - Katie's HairMy wife did Katie’s hair up nicely for school today (see photo to the left).

Katie still has problems counting to 50. She seems to forget different numbers at different times. She told me that at school all of her friends and her count together and it is one person’s turn to point to the number on the chart. She also added that it will be her turn to do the pointing in a day or so.

Katie went to her first ballet class of the year today. She is now taking both ballet and “tap”.

There was a potluck for the families of those children to attend the Mandarin Program at Glenwood School this evening. It’s still raining (since last Friday) and there was a chance of thunderstorms as well. When they sent out an email stating:

“I’ve been getting questions about this evening’s potluck. We’re on as of now. It’s going to be soggy and muggy but we can still enjoy each other’s company and time together. If there’s a true thunderstorm then we’ll alter the plan. For now, though, on we march! Hope to see folks soon!”

the decision was made… We’re staying home. I feel like a cold is coming on and with little Bobby teething it promised to be a miserable evening subjected to the elements.

When I got home from work this evening my wife was done. She went to bed for a nap while I tended to Katie and little Bobby. Katie did her best to entertain little Bobby by jumping around, but his teething pain got the most of him. Can he ever cry…and LOUD. Not sure if he has his great-grandfather’s Opera voice…