Day #2112 (Fri., Oct. 16, 2015) – Katie Misses A Week Of School

2015-10-16 - Batman CouponMy wife sent me a “Loyalty Coupon” for Batman today (see photo to the right). Have the cats ever changed…and filled out…

Katie is still home from school. This means that she has effectively take the whole week off from school. We’re hoping that she will be okay to attend on Monday.

Kasey came to take care of little Bobby this morning. She told us that she has started to work on a food truck to supplement her income.

Arnesa was folding clothes when I came home this evening. Not only is she a great housekeeper, little Bobby really loves her and she loves him too.

My Samsung Note 4 Phone broke today. I returned it to Best Buy but the guy only gave me a number to call. They wanted me to pay $150 but I hung up and the next guy told me the real deal….free replacement. It is under their ‘Geek Squad” warranty for Pete’s Sake.