Day #2119 (Fri., Oct. 23, 2015) – Caterpillar Outfit

Katie counted to 50 no problem today. She went right from 20 to 30 and then said “right” awaiting my response.

We had a bit of chat the rest of the way to school. She told me that she sits with a girl named Mattie who is very shy. There is another girl named Zoe who is also shy. Zoe plays with Rico, who is Chinese (and has visited China) a lot. I guess Rico and Katie agreed that they each did good art work and should be friends as a result. He doesn’t poke Katie like Christopher did a while back.

2015-10-23 - Little Bobby's Caterpillar OutfitMy wife called me this morning regarding the State Fair and asking if I wanted to go with her. We decided that she would take Katie and I would stay home with little Bobby.

The photo to the left shows the caterpillar outfit that my wife is making for little Bobby this year. Soon after little Bobby was born Katie had already figured out what we were going to be for Halloween this year. She would be a butterfly, little Bobby would be a caterpillar, and my wife and I would be sunflowers.