Day #2130 (Tue., Nov. 3, 2015) – Katie’s Progress Report

2015-11-03 - Katie's Coat RackToday was a teacher day at Glenwood so Katie stayed home from school. Kasey and Arnesa came to tend to Katie and little Bobby. Katie started to cry when my wife went to work but she soon calmed down when Kasey asked her to help her bake scones.

I met my wife at Glenwood School at 3:45pm this afternoon as we have parent/teacher meetings at 4pm to discuss Katie’s progress. She got “3s” mostly, which means she is doing what would be expected of her, with extra “+s” here and there for categories such as “works independently”, “works well with others”, and “is cooperative”.

While at Glenwood we were able to see the coat rack that Katie shares with Winston in her PM classroom with Miss Randby (see photo to the right).

My wife asked Miss Randby if she would tell her if Katie was bad. Miss Randby said that she is such a good girl that if she was a bit naughty one day she would “give her a pass” as she knows it is just a “flash in the pan”. I’m paraphrasing here, but this is the gist of it.

I made liver and onions in the pressure cooker this evening. Katie doesn’t like liver but she really took to the “pressure cooked” carrots, potatoes and turnips. My wife gave little Bobby one of the “pressure cooked” organic carrots as it was very soft.