Day #2153 (Thu., Nov. 26, 2015) – Thanksgiving Day

2015-11-27 - Angry PilgrimThanksgiving Day 2015 is here. The photo to the right shows the “Angry Pilgrim” in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that Katie was so fascinated with a few years ago. She didn’t really even care for the parade today…

Katie has been a real handful these past few days. My wife mentioned that she read antibiotics can do this to a child. She is going to talk to Katie’s pediatrician about it the next time they meet. We were able to get Katie calmed down by doing some drawing. I found a YouTube video on how to draw a haunted house and she followed along with that.

Arnesa and Dženan came over for Thanksgiving lunch/dinner today. She brought some Bosnian meat pies and a pear dessert. They don’t have any family here so we are more than happy to open up our home to them.

2015-11-26 - ThanksgivingMy wife prepared quite the Thanksgiving spread as you can see in the photo to the left.

Little Bobby is not quite sure what to make of Dženan. He’s a new face and at this age babies can be scared of unfamiliar faces. At least he is not crying… He cries whenever he sees Hannah.

Today is Day #2 of antibiotics for daddy. I’m starting to feel a bit better…