Day #2155 (Sat., Nov. 28, 2015) – Nail Polish Paper

2015-11-28 - Nail PaperAs Katie has run out of fingers and toes to paint, Arnesa suggested that she branch out into paper (see photo to the right),

My wife had to return some stuff to Kohl’s so she took Katie along with her this afternoon. Katie has started to express an interest in being with her more and more. Perhaps this is a reaction to all the time that she spends with little Bobby. At any rate, as her play dates fell through today, it was something for her to do.

My wife took Katie and little Bobby for a walk this afternoon. They got to see Helen on her bike so Katie was able to find someone to play with for a while.

It’s unfortunate but as parents don’t have adequate facilities to take care of their children when they are sick, they often end up at school with sniffles and the like. This means that other children like Katie get them and this percolates down to “dear ole’ dad”…

My wife ordered a Lego Dolphin Boat for Katie for Christmas. It’s quite nice…I think Katie will love it.