Day #2206 (Mon., Jan 18, 2016) – Thomas The Train Toy

It’s Martin Luther King day here in the US so I got the day off work…if you can call tending to two kids a “day off work”…

2016-01-18 - Thomas SetThe photo to the left shows the “Thomas the Train” toy that Katie had as a child. See the red area to the far left? There was quite a milestone this morning as I saw little Bobby push back the red door to shut the train in and then push the red button so it would fly out. He did this about 20 times one after the other. He definitely gets it. I think this is quite the mechanical wonder at this age isn’t it? Maybe he has had more time to focus on this sort of thing as he has been saving his capabilities in the crawling department?

This afternoon Everett helped us return the Element TV to Sam’s Club in Durham. Katie wanted to come but I told her we would just be “in and out”. There was a bit of confusion at first, but the did take it back in the end and we came home with a new LG TV in return. Everett and Darren put it up in the bedroom for us.