Day #2208 (Wed., Jan 20, 2016) – “Fish Smell” In Little Bobby’s Room

I heard Katie whimpering in the middle of the night. I went to see what the deal was and she had thrown up in her bed. She said she wasn’t sick…but she threw up nonetheless. She said that she wanted her mommy so I had to wake my wife up as well.

I took Katie to school this morning. She wanted to talk about the “fish” smell in little Bobby’s room yesterday. I asked her if she thought a fish walked up from the stream and opened the front door and snuck into little Bobby’s room and died. She said she thought it was a tuna. I told her that this could not be as a tuna is a salt water fish. This led to the conversation about how some fish are salt water and some are fresh water.

2016-01-20 - Working The HelicopterLittle Bobby has figured out how to work the helicopter portion of the Thomas The Train toy now (see photo to the left).

When I got home from work this evening Arnesa’s car was not in the driveway. Apparently her husband needed it. We offered to drive her home but she called him up to come and get her.

Katie was bouncing around like mad this evening. Not sure what the deal was. Maybe she was glad to be back at school after the long weekend…or maybe she just had some chocolate.