Day #2221 (Tue., Feb. 2, 2016) – Brushing Hair = Crying Little Bobby

It’s Groundhog Day. The gopher didn’t see his shadow…spring will be here early (so they say).

On the drive to Glenwood this morning Katie is still having problems with her numbers. The regular numbers are fine, but she has a problem transitioning from a “9” to the next digit. At least this morning I didn’t have to go through the algorithm to do this as I’ve had to in the past.

2016-02-02 - Assembling ChairsThe photo to the left shows the chairs that the Glenwood PTA asked parents to assemble for the teachers.

I took my Christmas mug with the saying “Parents + 2 Children = A Family” to work today. I’ve been meaning to since Christmas but with Katie’s birthday party and the operation it seemed to fall by the wayside.

Katie was rubbing little Bobby’s hair this evening and he started to cry. Most probably because he didn’t know who was doing it…not because it was such a bad thing. Well, this made Katie sad and she started to cry. Arnesa had to hold her. I asked her to bring the remote to the tv to me because my knee was bad but she was too busy crying.

I really didn’t have much time to spend with either little Bobby or Katie this evening as I had to go to the outpatients department to see about my knee. I was hobbling around all afternoon and by this evening I could barely walk. Sam told me that I probably didn’t re-injure it, I just over did it. He gave me another prescription for diclofenac sodium and a couple of great bandages to keep the ice in place on my knee and sent me home. Heaven knows how much I’m going to have to pay for this visit.