Day #2239 (Sat., Feb. 20, 2016) – Zoey’s Birthday Party

2016-02-20 - Zoey's GiftsMy wife took Katie to Zoey’s birthday party this morning. Zoey is a girl in Katie’s class who loves cats, so my wife got an appropriate birthday gift and Katie made up and appropriate card (see photo to the left).

They came home for a little while and then were off again to see a children’s physics demonstration at UNC. I had some hot dogs ready for lunch. I thought that Helen would be with them so I cooked a whole package as she really likes them. I asked Katie what she enjoyed about the demonstration and she said “the one with fire”. I guess there was some sort of a fire display that synchronized with sound.

I got to tend to little Bobby for the whole day as a result. We had a great time hanging out together. I played a bit of guitar with him and he enjoyed grabbing at the strings.

Putting little Bobby to bed for his nap was a bit more challenging. I used to put him in the pink bouncy seat but my wife took it out of his room as he tended to wiggle out of it. He also doesn’t eat as much milk as he used to. He used to drink a whole bottle but now he only drinks an ounce or two at a setting. Eventually he got tired and fell asleep in his crib. Mission accomplished.