Day #2268 (Sun., Mar. 20, 2016) – Happy Meal Phone

I drove to Lowe’s this morning to pick up something to secure the gate to the hallway as Bobby has figured out how to open it. They didn’t really have hardware specific for baby gates, but I was able to get an angle bracket that should do the trick. My knee is bothering me today so I’ll wait til it feels better before attaching it. It’s hard for me to get up and down when my knee is bothering me.

2016-03-20 - Happy Meal PhoneThis afternoon I took Katie to McDonalds. I think if she doesn’t have any activities planned, or meets with any of her friends, I am going to have to take her out on the weekends. She seems to be restless and full of energy if I don’t. So I guess you could call this Daddy/Daughter Day #40. She expressed a desire to go to McDonalds for a chocolate dipped cone. She hadn’t eaten anything all day so my wife asked if I could get her something to eat as well. I got her a Happy Meal with Chicken McNuggets, fries, and a strawberry drink. It came with a pink Barbie Spy phone (see photo to the right) that would give saying when you pressed the button.

Katie started to eat salt from the salt shaker while I was at McDonald’s. I mentioned this to my wife and she was wondering if she needed more vitamins or nutrients.

My wife got a chance to clean up Katie’s room while I took her to McDonald’s this afternoon so she was happy. Katie said that she would help me clean my room if I wanted.