Day #2289 (Sun., Apr. 10, 2016) – Markers For Bobby

2016-04-10 - MarkersI guess Bobby & Katie made quite the racket this morning but I was too tired to hear it let alone wake up. My wife ended up putting them in the bath. Bobby sure loves the water. Katie does too…but not having her hair washed.

I went to the Dollar Store this morning to get a set of markers for Bobby (see photo to the right). I plan to take the ink out of them, as I did when Katie was his age. The thought is that he will enjoying playing with all these colors and I will have an easier time feeding them. Well, I did all this and didn’t Bobby chomp through the plastic. Out they went. Good thought but it was not to be.

While at the Dollar Store I picked up an identical set of markers for Katie and an animal sticker book. I also picked up a “laughing box” that laughed when you pressed the button. Bobby was scared of it at first.

It’s a real challenge to get Katie to do her homework. She will delay and avoid and “whatever” rather than just doing it.