Day #2296 (Sun., Apr. 17, 2016) – Packed Maple Dairy Farms

Katie woke me up this morning all excited about our Daddy/Daughter Day today (this is #42). I needed to go to Trader Joe’s but she was so excited that we did this first. I was hoping to have my pants taken in but the tailor shop was closed. Such was the case with the UPS Store as well. Our next stop was the Dollar Store and Katie got a number of items including a coloring book, animal stickers, fashion doll, and a Sophia kite. I also picked up some “chomps” so that my wife can give them to Katie’s school. Next on the list was Maple Dairy Farms…

2016-04-17 - Maple Diary FarmsWhen we got to Maple Dairy Farms it was packed (see photo to the left). We ended up spending over 45 minutes in line. Katie wanted a double chocolate cone and I got a Carolina crunch cone. We shared a small bottle of chocolate milk.

After we ate our ice cream in the picnic area I set up the Sophia kite while Katie climbed a tree with a girl she just met. We did manage to get the kite up in the air but the wind did not last long. As we were leaving Katie wanted to get a yellow balloon bunny from Willie The Clown.

The only problem with all this chocolate that Katie consumed is that it really did a job on her dress. My wife spent a lot of time trying to get the chocolate stains out. As it turns out cold water is good for this sort of thing.