Day #2325 (Mon., May 16, 2016) – Bobby’s First Pickle

My wife took Katie to the doctor this morning. She has been complaining about a sore stomach and throat. I tended to little Bobby til Arnesa came. As it turns out Katie only had a viral infection so she went to school afterwards.

When Arnesa came this morning Bobby tried to run away from her. I’m not sure if he associates her with sleep like he does his mother. Daddy is “fun, fun, fun”…at least in Bobby’s eyes.

2016-05-16 - Tie Your ShoesThis evening Katie and I played with one of her games which shows you how to tie your shoes (see photo to the left). We’ll have to make sure we don’t keep it out or else Bobby will knaw on the laces and the eyelets might come off.

Katie didn’t go to dance class this afternoon. She had Sarah take her home and she went right to bed. She didn’t wake up til around 7pm…which is when Bobby woke up from his nap, so we had quite an energetic evening with the kids.

Bobby was sitting in my lap on the LazyBoy this evening when all of a sudden he reached around and showed me a pickle. He picked one up from the bowl we had out for Katie. I let him give it a try and he liked it…but he did give some awful faces and head shakes from time-to-time.