Day #2361 (Tue., June 21, 2016) – Bobby’s First Plum

The cortisone shot that the doctor gave me last night has kicked in so I can walk a bit better this morning.

2016-06-21 - CupcakesMy wife set up a 9am appointment for an ultrasound this morning. They will be looking at my knee to see if their is a blood clot. While I waited I asked Cameron about shopping malls and how kids don’t hang out there anymore. I guess it’s not “cool” as it was something their parents did. They prefer to do snapchat and post selfies of themselves with the new clothes they purchased online. Times have sure changed…

Cupcakes at work (see photo to the right)! My wife has often commented on how the “glowing” icing we have her in the US looks disgusting…

My wife got a call from Duke asking if she received a check for screwing up Bobby’s birth certificate… No, we have not. The lady promised to follow-up and give us another update.

Jui Lan brought us some plums this evening. Bobby has some (probably his first) and really enjoyed it.

Katie remembered the “guess which animal” game we used to play from the Art Linkletter book and wanted to play it this evening just before bedtime.