Day #183 (Mon., July 5, 2010) – Little Katie the Guitar Player

My wife told me that little Katie had a huge #2 this morning…we have been waiting for that. She has been fussy the last couple of days, so hopefully this will help to calm her down…

2010-07-05 - Stackable Ring Squeak Toy
2010-07-05 - Stackable Ring Squeak Toy

My wife and I took my mother-in-law (and little Katie of course) to “Sweet Tomatoes”, a Soup n’ Salad Restaurant this afternoon. The Cream of Mushroom soup was delish, and my mother-in-law loved the chocolate brownies. Of course my wife loved the salad…

This afternoon we did another Skype with my mother. I played little Katie the guitar, and when I tried to take it away she lunged for it. She tries to pluck the strings…with varying degrees of success.

I think that little Katie has found another “favorite toy” (see the photo to the right). This little toy has rings of varying sizes and a knob on the top with a smiley face that squeaks. She really likes the sound of that squeak…

1) Little Katie loves to play the guitar.