Day #185 (Wed., July 7, 2010) – Down to 75% and 90%

My wife took little Katie to the doctor today. Little Katie got three shots and one oral vaccine. Not a very happy day for little Katie.

2010-07-07 - Tummy Time Mat
2010-07-07 - Tummy Time Mat

Little Katie’s height percentile is only 75% this time, and her weight is at 90% (down from a high of 95%). The doctor said that her growth will slow down even more now that she is starting to eat solid foods. She added that cereal, veggies and fruits are fine…just keep trying to feed her solids at least once a day. My wife said that her cousin’s son took a total of 2 weeks to learn to swallow.

The photo to the right shows another tummy time mat that little Katie enjoys. It has various play things and features to keep her busy and her mind off the fact that she is on her tummy. There is a mirror that she can stare into, and even a little pouch that will hold water and various water toys.

Little Katie’s tooth is officially out. The doctor confirmed it and added that it is quite early. The first teeth usually come out at about 7-8 months. Little Katie’s tongue thrust is also still very strong…the doctor had a hard time getting a look at that tooth.

1) The doctor confirmed…little Katie’s tooth is officially out!