Day #2715 (Sat., Jun. 10, 2017) – Bobby Sleeps In His New Bed For The First Time

2017-05-10 - Captain UnderpantsI took Katie to see “Captain Underpants” at the Lumina theater this afternoon. She insisted on bringing her plush animal to see the show as well (see photo to the right). This was Daddy/Daughter Day #58. We got to have a little swing on the swinging benches that they have installed outside the theater. As a special favor to Katie we sat at the very back of the theater, even though my legs didn’t like it one bit. Instead of gummy bears for her kid’s meal I got her a box of Twizzlers. These should be easier on her now that she has braces.

After the show we went to Fearrington Village to see the little baby goats. We got to see some cows as well. We ended up in the Belted Goat restaurant where I got Katie a waffle cone raspberry gelato. I took her next door to see the doves in the dress shop. They did a big remodeling job on this whole area. The restaurant doesn’t look anything like it used to and you can no longer walk from the restaurant to the dress area.

Bobby crashed by the door this afternoon. My wife picked him up and changed his diaper, gave him some more food, and put him in bed. He slept in his new bed this afternoon for the first time.

Bobby and I devised a new game this evening. I would strum on the guitar and when he slapped his hands on his sides I would stop playing.