Day #3443 (Mon., Jun 10, 2019) – Arnesa’s New SUV

This morning I dropped Bobby off at Arnesa’s house to spend time with Arnesa, Claudia, and baby Ayra. They ended up going for a hike around Wilson Park.

With Bobby at Arnesa’s, I went to Sam’s Club for supplies. The kids love the Sam’s Club cheese pizza. Four for $9.99. Daddy loves the price, but the ingredients are not the best.

The McDonald’s near Sam’s Club tore down the playground area (see photo to the right).

Arnesa and Dzenen have a new SUV. It’s a white KIA, only a couple of years old. I showed Bobby the dealership where they bought it and he remembers the location now…no matter which direction we approach it from.

After getting Bobby around noon he wanted to go over to Russel’s house to play. He did ask me, but I asked him to pay attention as I would be calling him soon to come home for lunch. Well, when the time came I called and called out the front door, but no answer. I ended up walking over to the neighbor’s house and found him inside. We’re going to have to come up with a plan when Bobby can go to the neighbors, but we see if it’s okay beforehand, and have a way to get ahold of him when he needs to come home.

Katie told me that they are making plans for their CHOMP auction this week. She also told me that they are coming up with a “synopsis” paper of what they did this year to give to the parents.