Day #14 (Sun., Jan. 17, 2010) – Say It With A Flower!

It’s 3:15am and all is well in our little household. Everyone is sleeping except for daddy, and there is a little “pitter-patter” of rain on the roof above me. Nobody is squeaking…not even a little baby…

5:30am and little Katie’s diaper is clean and new…Yippee!!! One thing I will say for the diaper technology incorporated into modern diapers…they sure can store a lot of liquid!

9:00am – Little Katie is squeaking in her crib and she sounds just like a little whale. You know, those high pitched squeals that they sometimes provide on various nature shows. I played a couple of YouTube clips of whale sounds and she seemed to quiet down. Who knows…does she understand “whale”?

2010-01-17 - Tulips
2010-01-17 - Tulips

11:30am – We are running out of supplies so I had to go get some groceries. Football starts at 1pm, so I might as well do it now and get it over with. I saw these lovely flowers in the store. I passed them when I went in, then did some shopping, then went back to look at them again. I thought they were a lovely little package of tulips. The extra advantage is that there is potting soil, so they will last longer, and we will have bulbs to plant as well. I thought my wife would love them, and she sure did. Let’s call this a little “New Mother” present…

3:00pm – Homemade Orange Chicken and Rice for a late lunch today. Raining cats and dogs outside. The windows are open and little Katie is sleeping like, well, “a baby”. We think that the fresh air helps her to sleep. Guess we will be keeping the window open more often now… 🙂

4:30pm – A nice new diaper – $0.50. Reservation for one at the dinner table – $Free. Being able to fall asleep at the dinner table and carried back to your bed – $Priceless.

7:00pm – Back to the changing table with little Katie. I was teasing her saying “You know, didn’t we do this earlier in the day? You might want to consider investing…it will bring a better return on your investment”. She looked up and me and gave me a big smile…like she was realizing I was joking with her. My wife tells me at this stage they cannot really smile…who knows what Katie was thinking or reacting to. It was real cute, and I will remember it… 🙂

9:00pm – Changing time for Katie. Even if she is crying she seems to calm down when I run my finger up and down the blinds. Not sure if it is the sound or the sight but she finds it very entertaining.

9:15pm – Time to clean out the Diaper Genie. Messy job, but someone has got to do it. This is a small price to pay for what this little device provides.

1) A flower says so much.
2) Babies can smile at this stage.
3) Yet another use of the venetian blind?