Day #291 (Thu., Oct. 21, 2010) – A Toy For Every Child

Little Katie asleep for 7 hours + 45 minutes last night…giving us some much needed rest. Let’s hope this is the new norm…

2010-10-21 - Plastic Rings And HolderMy wife had a teleconference from home this afternoon from 3:30pm – 4:00pm. She put little Katie in the hallway and she hardly made a noise. She’s really enjoying playing in her new playyard (the hall).

The photo to the right shows another toy that we picked up at the consignment sale last weekend. I’m not exactly sure why … but it seems that every child has one of these growing up. It is a fun toy, but I’m not sure that it deserves that much popularity. At any rate, just so little Katie would not have to recollect a “neglected childhood” where she didn’t have one, we got her one. What does it do? I’m glad you asked. Not much actually. There are no batteries to install. No lights or sounds or jingles or such. Oh, there is a top ring that has some little balls that rolls around (which little Katie likes to shake I might add), but that’s about it for “high” (or “semi-high”) tech.

How does it work? Rather simple actually. You take off the various plastic rings and put them back on the spindle from large to small. There are two potential drawbacks:

1) Finding all the rings. Little Katie has the “gift” of being able to scatter toys into the “four corners of the earth”.

2) Having to fend off said toy from roaming bands of chipmunks (or one to be more precise) who come a crawling with lightning speed to suck on toys and transform standing structures to a heap of rubble…

1) Little Katie has one of the “must have toys”…