Day #4174 (Thu., Jun 10, 2021) – Drive-In Movie

Katie and I had Daddy/Daughter Day #107 this evening. I took her to the Drive In Theater in Chapel Hill to see the movie “Cruela” (see photo to the right). Neither of us has been to a drive in before, so it was quite the novelty experience. I’m not sure how long it continue to operate with the pandemic winding down. It’s situated on some prime real estate.

Before the show I went to Harris-Teeter to pick up some munchies for us to enjoy. I got a couple of bags of potato chips, Twinkies, strawberry-kiwi juice, and various boxed candies like Reese’s pieces and Swedish Fish.

Both Katie and I enjoyed the movie, but as I said, it was much more of the novelty experience for both of us. We joked about how we would need to go to the “porta potty” if we needed to use the bathroom.