Day #18 (Thu., Jan. 21, 2010) – Baby Faces

It’s 6:45am and little Katie is up feeding again. She slept a bit longer last night, so nights are getting easier on my wife and I. She has the hiccups right now…sounds a bit like a little doggie squeeze toy… 🙂

2010-01-21 - Mobile
2010-01-21 - Mobile

8:15pm – Little Katie is in a very playful mood this evening. I just got up from the bed where we were playing for a bit. Her head was nestled into my arm, and I was moving a black and white mobile (shown to the right) back and forth above her eyes. She seems to like it, and focuses on it quite intently. I started to whisper in her ear “Hi Baby”. She looked at me for quite a while, like she was trying to focus her eyes. Then, all of a sudden, she gave me a little smile and started to make other baby faces. I suspect that she will start to smile more at mommy and daddy as she gets older.

8:30pm – My wife just sent me a link regarding the colors black and white. In a nutshell it states that newborn babies can see from the moment they open their eyes…just not as clearly as an adult can. Up until they are 6 months old their little eyes will respond best to bold dynamic colors and shapes. The best colors are blacks, reds, and whites. They will capture the baby’s attention and hold it.

9:30pm – My wife just had me hold little Katie while she got settled. I rocked her in my arms and sang “Hello baby let the good times roll, Hello baby let the good times roll”. There is no way to figure out what she was thinking by the look on her face. It was either “this is interesting” or “crazy daddy”…

11:06pm – My wife just put little Katie to bed. How long will she sleep? Who knows… We are on little Katie’s time schedule these days…

1) Young babies like black, red, and white.