Day #328 (Sat., Nov. 27, 2010) – The Mongolian Restaurant

We had a Skype with my mother this afternoon. In a little under a month she will be able to see little Katie in “real life”.

2010-11-27 - Mongolian Gong
2010-11-27 – Mongolian Gong

Little Katie got to visit a Mongolian Restaurant this afternoon. She was here as a baby, but she is older now and better able to take in the “sights and sounds”. She liked it when I waved to her from across the restaurant and “banged the gong” (see photo to the right) for her. She will smile with her toothless grin and clap her hands together.

In regards to the cooking method…the flat metal surface with the “donut hole” in the middle of it at the bottom-left of the picture is the stove that they cook your meal on. Very interesting to watch how it’s done…

Little Katie was a bit fussy this evening so we took her for another drive. My wife got some groceries at WholeFoods while I drove our sleeping chipmunk around the parking lots.

We have a saying in Canada: “You can lead a chipmunk to water, but it will just chew on the trough”… (not really).

1) Little Katie enjoyed the gong at a Mongolian restaurant.