Day #21 (Sun., Jan. 24, 2010) – Baby Bath

11:00am – My wife and I just had a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, and cappucino. Little Katie had the usual. Our little one kept us up for quite a bit of the night. I have a hard time sleeping when she is “chirping” and “squeeking”. I think that she is going to be crying “Feed Me” at any minute and can’t seem to relax enough to fall asleep. I might need to get a pair of earplugs so that I hear the cries, but not the little sounds that don’t hit the “high notes”.

2010-01-24 - Great Gifts
2010-01-24 - More Great Gifts

Remember yesterday when I mentioned that we received yet another package in the mail? Well, if you recall, I also mentioned that I would “upload” a picture. Here it is. What a lovely assortment of gifts that little Katie will just love! Notice the little outfit on the right of the picture? Well, that’s a butterfly on the upper right of the outfit. There is a similar but larger version of the same butterfly on the backside… And that little black rectangle is a “silver spoon”. It will be a great way to “class up” little Katie’s future feeding sessions.

Hard to believe that three weeks ago today we were in the hospital. We hadn’t met little Katie yet!

1:14pm and little Katie is has just finished a bit of a feeding. Like my wife says…she just needs “two sips for comfort”.

1:15pm – Whoops…crying…spoke too soon. Maybe “three sips will do”…

4:30pm – I was taking a video of little Katie and she “spit up”. Not the most glorious video I have ever taken, but I’m sure that it will be something that will be more precious as time goes on…

7:30 – We gave little Katie a bath this evening. We were expecting a lot of kicking and screaming…but she actually seemed to like it. She didn’t mind the shampoo on her head or the warm water rolling off her body. Let’s hope we won’t have problems at bath time in the future.

10:45pm – Paul McCartney was on television this evening and little Katie and I were singing along (I think…)

11:15pm – Little Katie is just finishing up her “pre-midnight” feeding. Let’s hope this will carry her over for some time…

1) How precious our videos will be one day…