Day #4904 (Sat., June 10, 2023) – Concert At Miss Patricia’s

The kids had a viola/violin concert at Miss Patricia’s house today.  You can see the lineup in the photo to the right.  Katie went first, and Bobby was in the middle.  Both kids did great!

I went to Aldi for groceries this afternoon.  I was planning on getting an Oreo ice cream cake to celebrate the end of the kid’s school year, and also the concert today, but they were out.  This usually means that it was such a lousy seller that they won’t have it back, or more likely, it was such a good seller that it sold out quickly and they are not in the process of ordering more to have it in their regular lineup of foods.

While at Aldi I made sure I got some Goya “Maria Cookies”, four packs actually, as Bobby loves them so much.  He also asked me to pick up some Gatorade, but I said that they probably didn’t carry it.  Low and behold, they do!  My wife has been asking about “clear” Gatorade with “no dyes”, but I haven’t seen it yet.

I’m am planning on teaching the kids how to cook this summer.  That’s on the “to do” list.  We’ll probably start off with real quick things that they can just assemble, or “nuke” in the microwave, and move on to things that are much more complex.