Day #357 (Sun., Dec. 26, 2010) – Little Katie’s First Boxing Day

It was a rather rough night last night, so we all slept in this morning. It appears as long as little Katie is napping we will be trying to catch up on our sleep as well.

2010-12-26 - ExerSaucerToday is Boxing Day here in Canada. There are usually lots of sales, but since this is a Sunday, many of the stores are closed. No grocery stores, no department stores, no big box stores in general. If we need anything there is always McQuarries Drugstore or Shoppers Drugmart…or little variety stores or gas stations. We have pretty well everything we need, so we’re fine.

The photo to the right shows the ExerSaucer that my sister’s friend lent us. Little Katie loves to bounce up and down in it. It’s a great place for her to eat as she can entertain herself at the same time.

There is talk of a snowstorm barreling down the east coast on the way to Nova Scotia. We are scheduled to get a lot of snow at midnight tonight…but it might turn into rain. Such is the status of living in a maritime climate. Time will tell…

We are reading reports of Raleigh having a massive amount of snow on the ground. We got an email from the Tangerine Cafe that they will be closed today due to all the snow. Good thing we were able to make it out…

This evening I was telling my wife about one of the kids shows we had on television growing up. The Friendly Giant was very low tech, but enjoyed by many a Canadian child…

1) Little Katie experienced her first Boxing Day today.