Day #356 (Sat., Dec. 25, 2010) – Little Katie’s First Christmas

7:30am – My mother and I are up and about and we hear some commotion coming from the bedroom. Is little Katie about to experience her first Christmas morning soon?

We delayed our Christmas breakfast this morning so that little Katie could sleep. The longer she sleeps, the more rested she will be, and the easier it will be on all of us.

2010-12-25 - Christmas Presents
2010-12-25 - Christmas Presents

Around 9:30am we started our Christmas breakfast. My sister and her husband came down to join us. She brought an egg casserole dish for us to enjoy. After eating our fill it was time to open the gifts…

Little Katie had a great time! She was crawling from package to package with so much visual stimulation she didn’t know what to make of it. She got some plush animals (see photo to the left), nice clothes, and other fine gifts to add to her collection. My wife and I gave my mother and sister and brother-in-law some 2010 Christmas ornaments to hang on their trees, along with a book of photos of little Katie’s first year.

This afternoon we all had a much needed nap. This evening, after the Christmas breakfast had settled, we dug into the Christmas dinner. The usual cast was in attendance, and we invited my brother-in-law’s mother to come as well. She brought some lovely books for little Katie and a cookbook from her hometown for my wife and I. My mother loved the turkey…it was very moist and tender. I saved the cooking instructions on her computer so she could make one at another time.

This evening little Katie was a “fussy mussy”. I thought she would go to bed, so I went to bed, but it was not to be. Around 1:22am my wife woke me up suggesting we go for a drive. We packaged our little chipmunk up in “swaddling clothes” and laid her in the baby seat in the car (as opposed to a manger). We drove to some land that I own in the Falls area and back, and around 3am we arrived home again. My wife nursed little Katie, but that didn’t quite do the trick. A little yogurt and some baby tylenol (for her teething) and she was rested enough to fall asleep…

1) Little Katie had her first Christmas today.