Day #378 (Sun., Jan. 16, 2011) – Cheese Cloth For Cottage Cheese

Katie tried to put the blocks on the animal puzzle back into their slots this morning. She was not all that successful, but she did try.

2011-01-16 - Farm Puzzle
2011-01-16 - Farm Puzzle

I drove to the fire station in Morrisville this afternoon to have them check the baby seat in my wife’s car. We want to ensure that it meets with the appropriate safety standards.

Katie is starting to get more fascinated with “putting things back”. For example, she will put things into her toy bucket, then empty it, then put them back in. She is also fascinated with the wooden farm puzzle our friend in Charlotte gave us (see photo to the left). She tries to put the little wooden animals into the slots, but doesn’t have the hand/eye coordination just yet. She’ll get there…

I went to WholeFoods this afternoon to pick up some cottage cheese and yogurt for Katie. I got my wife some cheese cloth as well…she is thinking of making her own cottage cheese for Katie (with the organic milk we get from Trader Joe’s).

My wife gave Katie some peas this evening. She put them on the tray of her high chair so that she could munch on them at will. She is going through a phase now where she wants to feed herself. By all appearances she liked them.

I was so tired this evening that I took my blanket and pillow into Katie’s playyard for a nap. If I’m with her she will not scream…even if I’m not actively playing with her. Something new this evening. She was ripping pages out of a catalog and munching on bits of it. She decided that I needed a bit of a snack, so she took the pieces out of her mouth and tried to put it into my mouth. Yuk! Thanks for the thought…but no thanks…

1) Katie tries to feed me catalog residue this evening.