Day #386 (Mon., Jan. 24, 2011) – Katie Loves Green Beans

My wife sent me the following emails today while I was at work:

2011-01-24 - Ball Game
2011-01-24 - Ball Game

1) Katie was standing at that round table and then let it go and stood by herself for a minute or so. 🙂

2) I just gave Katie some steamed green beans cut in tiny pieces and she is happily munching on them! I guess that’s the way to make her eat greens – she ate sweet peas too. She just loves feeding herself! I read that this happens for kids 12-15 months of age.

Katie was full of energy when I got home from work this evening. I see where it is not a good idea to sleep with your pets. Guess I won’t be taking my blanket and pillow to the playyard any more.

The photo to the left shows one of the toys we picked up at the consignment sale yesterday. You put one of the balls into the holes and it will flow out at the bottom and play some sounds. Pretty simple little device actually, but Katie loves it. She is getting pretty good at putting the balls in the holes as well.

1) Katie tried green beans for the first time today.