Day #398 (Sat., Feb. 5, 2011) – First Taste Of Fish

My wife went to a consignment sale in downtown Cary this morning, so I tended to Katie. She was pretty good actually. I played with her for a bit, then fed her, made sure she didn’t need changing (she didn’t), then put her to bed. She was fussy for a bit, but eventually fell asleep around 11:20am. As my wife pointed out, this is the first time I put her to bed.

2011-02-05 - Wood Puzzle
2011-02-05 - Wood Puzzle

They didn’t have many toys at the consignment sale so my wife got a lot of baby clothes. One toy that they did have is the wooden puzzle shown in the photo to the left. When you put back one of the wooden blocks it will make the sound of the animal on the picture. For example, put back the frog and you will hear the sound of a frog “gribbetting”…

We had a Skype with my mother this afternoon. We pointed the camera at Katie in the high chair so she could see her eating. My wife commented on how loud Katie is these days…which is true. Not sure why she is so loud now. My wife and I are not that loud.

I went to Trader Joe’s this evening and I see that they do have Goat’s Milk now (although not organic). They were out of it the last time I was there.

My wife and I had fish & chips this evening and Katie had her first taste of fish this evening. She liked it.

My wife and I were commenting on how Katie didn’t like rattles when she was younger. Now she does…she likes to bang on things and make noises and “whatever”.

1) Katie had her first taste of fish this evening.