Day #435 (Mon., Mar. 14, 2011) – Salsa Bowl Of Cheerios

I got a lot of little bowls that hold salsa from Moe’s this evening. I gave them to Katie so that she could stack them (she loves to stack things and pull them apart).

Eventually the cheerios came out (it’s hard for a night to go by that they don’t). I put them in one of the salsa cups I got from Moe’s. I’m not sure if Katie realizes they are not a play thing…they usually end up on the floor before she eats them… Yeech!

2011-03-14 - The Chin Up BarKatie has found another toy in the doorway to the kitchen. It is a chin up bar! We have to help Katie as her arms are not strong enough. It’s hard to figure out if she thinks it is a toy or something to eat ( see photo to the left).

My wife brought Katie down to the bedroom to see me this evening. She brought the salsa bowl of cheerios as well. I would put one in Katie’s mouth, then one in my own mouth. I would make a big deal out of it. Munching wildly and making faces. Katie found this fascinating…she had a big grin on her face.

1) Katie sure loves her cheerios.