Day #447 (Sat., Mar. 26, 2011) – ???\’:?}[pk,hjm ‘;./ (Katie wrote the title for this post)

We woke up this morning to the sound of the FedEx truck in our driveway. My wife got a package from Amazon…buckwheat flour, etc.

2011-03-26 - Storage Bags
2011-03-26 – Storage Bags

My wife bought some vacuum bags recently for Katie’s clothes. She filled them with clothes, hooked the vacuum up to them, and boy did they ever shrink. Katie didn’t like the sound of the vacuum very much. They sure do shrink things down (see photo to the right)…about 1/3 of the original size.

Is Katie ever getting bossy when it comes to the television. If we don’t play exactly what she wants she will point and scream! I was trying to record Lawrence Welk for this evening and Katie wanted me to know that she wanted to see Lawrence Welk NOW!!!

I’ve been giving Katie drinks out of my glass from time to time. While she was at the high chair this morning she was complaining about the top of her sippy cup. She wants it off so she can drink like the regular people.

I went down to the garage this afternoon to clean up a bit. Today’s task was to flatten all the stray boxes so that they can be recycled. Sure freed up some space…

We were all tired so we had a nap this afternoon. When Katie got up my wife brought her to me in the bedroom to play. She of course wanted to watch a bit of Oobi. I had to take her sippy cup away from her as she was turning it upside down to see the drops of liquid come out.

There was a singer with a hat on television this evening. Katie tapped her head and said “hat”…

1) Katie wants to drink like “regular people”.