Day #449 (Mon., Mar. 28, 2011) – Dishwasher Loading

Katie is becoming so much more “aware” of what is around her. It seems that those days where she used to just sit and stare are long gone. She’s going to really become more interactive from now on…

2011-03-28 - Dishwasher Loading
2011-03-28 - Dishwasher Loading

Katie helped mommy load the dishwasher this evening (see photo to the left). She would take dishes out of the bottom rack and put them on the floor, then take them and put them back into the rack. She really didn’t get the proper location for the dishes right, but for a 14+ month child she did pretty good. We are constantly amazed at how she loves to put things in a container and take them out…

As we “walk the stairs” Katie will point to the shoes at the end of the stairs as soon as she rounds the bend in the staircase. She will say “choose”. The other day I pointed out what her socks were, and now she says “cock”. She will sit in the bend in the staircase and point to the shoes and say “choose” and to the socks and say “cock” and round and round it goes.

1) Katie likes to help load the dishwasher.