Day #450 (Tue., Mar. 29, 2011) – Screened In Porch…”Go” or “No”

I had to go to an HOA Meeting so I didn’t get back home til late. We discussed our patio screening a bit, but they want to get together without me and discuss it some more. We should know soon if it is a “go” or a “no”…

2011-03-29 - Sleeping Sacks
2011-03-29 - Sleeping Sacks

Katie is growing like a weed…so much so that my wife had to get some more sleeping sacks for her (see photo to the left).

Katie wanted to “walk stairs” this evening, but daddy was tired so I tried to distract her with some television. Want “Les Miserables”?… Want “Lawrence Welk”?… Want “Anne Of Green Gables”?… This distracted her for a bit, but in the end she won out and I had to “walk stairs” with her.

Once “walk stairs” has taken us to the ground floor of our townhouse Katie will scream at the front door. I will open it up and show her outside. She will point and say “ta”, but it’s rather cold and dark outside so I don’t think she wants to venture out any more. I see her looking at me as I turn the lock on the doorknob so I think she will be able to figure this out before too long…

1) Katie may soon have a screened in porch to play in.