Day #452 (Thu., Mar. 31, 2011) – Les Miserables Smashup

When I woke my wife had sent me this email at 2:30am…
After going to bed at 9 pm, Katie got up at 12:20 am and decided that it was a nap and now it’s time to play… She wanted to see you, so I had to lure her into the living room with Lawrence Welk. Then Katie went to her room and wanted to read books. We read the book “Who is here” and she saw some desert animal there – I think it was a coyote. It was sticking out a tongue and Katie started making sounds like a dog with a tongue out.Then she tried to touch my tongue and hers too. It was pretty funny. What was not funny was that that happened at 1:30 am. It’s 1:48 and she is still up. 🙁

2011-04-31 - Katie And A Book
2011-04-31 – Katie And A Book

2:05 am – another round of Lawrence Welk+Cheerios+milk…
2:30 am – Katie is in bed, quiet, hopefully will sleep!

Katie sure loves to read (and point things out in books). You can see her in action in the photo to the right.

Since Katie enjoys Les Miserables so much we decided to go ahead and get the DVD of the 25th Anniversary from Amazon. It was due to arrive today…and it did…but in an unexpected fashion. Our neighbor happened to find it on the road after it had been driven over a number of times. Somehow it “fell” of the truck and never made it to our house. My wife sent Amazon an email requesting what to do next.
1) Katie sure loves books.