Day #453 (Fri., Apr. 1, 2011) – Sleeping Sacks On Daddy’s Head

Here it is, Katie’s 2nd April Fools. We didn’t try out any jokes on her…she wouldn’t understand them anyway.

2011-04-01 - Garbage Man
2011-04-01 - Garbage Man

The photo to the right shows Katie supervising the picking up of our trash. They always seem to come and get the trash so I guess she is doing a good job.

I stopped off at Trader Joe’s on the way home from work this evening. I got two boxes of Cheerios this time…she goes through them like mad.

Katie enjoys the game “Sleeping Sacks on Daddy’s Head”. For some reason she is into sorting them these days, so while I am with her I will put them one by one on my head, and count them as I go. Once all the sleeping sacks are on daddy’s head she will get this smile on her fact, pop up off the ground, and grab them til they fall down.

1) Katie loves the Sleeping Sacks on Daddy’s Head Game.