Day #462 (Sun., Apr. 10, 2011) – Katie At Elmo’s

We went to Chapel Hill this morning to see a friend that I used to work with. It was good to see her again and we had fun talking about old times. This is the first time she met my wife and Katie, and she brought Katie three Tyco Toys.

On the drive over Katie threw up on herself and we had quite the mess to clean up as soon as we arrived. We had brunch at Elmo’s, a kid-friendly restaurant in the heart of Chapel Hill. We had to wait about 20-30 minutes, but the wait was worth it. While waiting Katie met a little boy one month younger than her. They had a great time pointing at each other and smiling. The little boy was also from a one-child home, so he enjoyed seeing someone his own size as well.

The waitress asked me if we wanted another plate for Katie and I said yes. Katie is a “big durl” now and wants to eat off her own plate with the rest of the grown-ups.

2011-04-10 - Banana Sorting

By the time we were seated Katie was overtired and rather fussy. She had great fun throwing whatever she laid her hands on onto the floor. Daddy didn’t like this game as much as she did, so it didn’t last long. Once the food came she started to calm down. She had egg and mushroom and tomato from my wife’s omellete. She also had some pancake from my plate.

On the way home she fell asleep so we drove around for quite a bit til she had a real nice nap.

This evening I gave Katie some banana. I cut them into little circles as you can see in the photo to the right. Little did I realize that Katie would end up sorting them on the table… She sorts and organizes pretty well everything you give her these days, so why should food be any different.

1) Katie really enjoyed meeting the little boy outside Elmo’s Restaurant in Chapel Hill.