Day #463 (Mon., Apr. 11, 2011) – Katie Talk

My wife sent me the following email this morning.

I thought we need to start writing down the words Katie is saying – soon we’ll forget them…

Katie talks non-stop in her own language. Even though I speak with her only Lithuanian and she understands me, her first words are all in English: hat, cook (for cookie, cheerios), clock, sock, shoe, daddy, hi, duck… 🙂 Today she even tried to say: ‘fish’. Lithuanian words tend to be long, so English for Katie is much easier to handle. 🙂

2011-04-11 - Pouring MilkThe Chinese researcher at work asked me about Katie, so I wrote that to her…


The photo to the left shows Katie’s latest game…pour all the milk out of her sippy cup onto the floor. Now I know why I need to get three packages of goat’s milk when I go to Trader Joe’s.

My wife subscribes to a newsletter in which she gets an email every so often to state what your child should be going through at various stages of their life. Here’s what they say…


Whining and screaming: If your 15-month-old has started sounding like a hyena or worse, you’re experiencing his intense desire to interact with you. Children thrive on their parents’ attention, and a toddler this age will do just about anything to get yours. When he gets loud or whiny, kneel down to your child’s level and tell him you’re listening. If he keeps it up, calmly say, “I can’t understand you when you talk like that. Please use your normal voice and I’ll be happy to listen to what you’re saying.” Eventually, he’ll get the message.


This is exactly what we experienced while driving out to Chapel Hill yesterday. Katie was extremely whiny, but when I started to talk to her she calmed down…

1) Katie has her own little language.