Day #468 (Sat., Apr. 16, 2011) – Tornado Alert

My wife would take clothes out of the washer and give them to Katie. Katie would take them and put them in the dryer. All in all, Katie managed to load the whole dryer!

2011-04-16 - Doplar Radar
2011-04-16 – Doplar Radar

There was a thunderstorm and tornadoes approaching Cary from the south, so we all went downstairs into the bedroom on the lower floor til it was over. It missed us, but it did destroy a Lowe’s in Sanford. You can see the Doplar Radar in the photo to the left.

I put a couple of screws into the lower portion of the window in Katie’s nursery and our bedroom this afternoon. In this way Katie will not be able to open them, but we can still pull them down to let some fresh air in. We are worried that she might fall out of the upstairs window and this is one way to prevent it.

I managed to flatten some boxes in the garage this afternoon. I will take them to the dump tomorrow or whenever I get the chance.

1) Katie experienced her first tornado alert today.