Day #485 (Tue., May 3, 2011) – The Joys Of The Screen Door

Katie got up at 2:30am this morning and went to bed around 5:00am. My wife brought her into the bedroom around 3:30am and we read books for a while before she got tired. Katie sure has some strange bedtime sleeping patterns.

At 7:30am just before I left for work Katie was screaming in her crib. I went in to see her and she had this dazed look on her face with tears coming down her eyes. She must have had a nightmare, or perhaps teething pain. I left her with my wife and went to work.

2011-05-03 - The Pillow Collector
2011-05-03 - The Pillow Collector

My wife told me that when Katie got up in the morning she was quietly sitting in her crib and facing the wall, hugging her bear and gently patting it on the head. This is exactly what I told her to do. She is quite the mimic.

Katie the collector has moved on to pillows (see the photo to the left). She will find them in the far corners of the house and bring them to the living room where she will try them out.

7:45pm – Katie has discovered the joys of the screen door. She is opening and closing and opening and closing and opening and it.

Katie managed to drag the green pillow to our bedroom this evening and put it next to my pillow. I guess she wants something to recline on as she watches cartoons. She then started to gather and pile all the pillows she could find into a pile in the living room.

1) Katie has started to collect pillows.