Day #491 (Mon., May 9, 2011) – Mommy’s Birthday

It’s mommy’s birthday today. How did Katie celebrate… Dateline: 1am … Katie isn’t sleeping so my wife and I drove her to Apex and back. These early morning drives are certainly rare these days…but they do happen from time-to-time.

2011-05-09 - Mother's Day Gift
2011-05-09 - Mother's Day Gift

I got an email from the building contractor. He says it will cost an additional $1000+ to wire the patio area… Hmmm…gonna have to think about this some more…

The photo to the right shows the Mother’s Day gift I got for my wife yesterday. Pretty flowers (and as an added bonus it came with the nice hanging pot).

This evening my wife was telling me that we should start a nightly ritual of giving Katie a bath. She seems to be into everything these days (including markers and crayons), and needs a good cleanup at the end of the day. It is also a good idea to get her into a ritual, so perhaps after her bath we will put her to bed. This could help to prevent a repeat of the 1am car drives around Apex, etc…

A bit more about bathtime with Katie. I find that one of the best ways to keep her entertained in the tub is to empty all her toys into the water and put a plastic pail on the side of the tub. She will spend her time gathering her toys and putting them into the tub. Sometimes she grabs ahold of a cup and turns it upside down to see if anything is in it. If there is water in it she will get quite the shower…she hasn’t figured that out quite yet.

1) Katie needed a drive at 1am this morning.