Day #493 (Wed., May 11, 2011) – “Up”

Katie has started to say the word “Up”…which means she wants you to pick her up (and put her on your lap and read a book oftentimes).

2011-05-11 - Beeper Keychain
2011-05-11 - Beeper Keychain

My wife and I have often talked about what would we ever do if Katie decided to take our keys and put them somewhere. You know how much she loves to horde stuff… Our solution was the keychain device you see in the photo to the left. Here’s how it works. I put the blue fob onto my keychain and my wife put the red one on her keychain. If it so happens we cannot find our keys, we roam around the house clicking the buttons on the other device. Once we are in the vicinity of the fob, it will give off a signal. Hopefully this setup will provide us a little bit of protection against our “hording chipmunk”.

I made some homemade pizza this evening. I always have to make extra hot dogs and mushrooms on the side because Katie loves them so much.

We watched a bit of the “American Idol” television show this evening. Katie really liked it. She would run around the living room with her arms in the air…like she was the idol!

1) Katie is starting to say “Up” when she wants you to pick her up.