Day #503 (Sat., May 21, 2011) – The Family Pool

I inflated our new inflatable pool on the patio this afternoon. Glad we have an electric pump…it would be way too hard to do it by your lungs. All three of us then got in it and splashed around a bit. We didn’t put a whole lot of water in it (I got about 10 buckets of water from the bathroom), but it was enough to splash around and cool off a bit. Katie wore her new bathing suit and had a blast.

We were trying to determine the best way to move forward with the pool area. We have a cover for it, but it is rather hard to install and Katie still wants to get into the pool. We think that the best thing to do is pour the water out after each session. In this way:

1) There will be clean water each time.
2) We will be able to push it up into the corner and have more room on the patio area.
3) We will not have to worry about Katie getting into the water when we are not looking.

This afternoon Katie was watching Lawrence Welk and putting her leg up onto the coffee table (like a ballerina would do when they were stretching).

This evening I was backing up my computer, and Katie was sleeping, so I decided to go to Trader Joe’s and get some groceries for the week.

2011-05-21 - Upside Down Book
2011-05-21 - Upside Down Book

When my wife was putting Katie to bed this evening she gave her an interesting book. It showed some animals and some opossums that were hanging by their tails (see photo to the left). Katie didn’t know which end was up. She would turn the book around so that the opossums were up, the other animals were upside down. When she turned the book the other way around so that the other animals were right side up, the opossums were upside down. what a confusing world for a little chipmunk.

1) Katie sure enjoyed the patio pool this afternoon.